Bye Bye Flash… again?

Bye Bye Flash… again? Yes, but this time seriously!

It was a long time ago when we heard about “the end of Flash” on our browsers.

But it simply never happened. Chrome and Firefox continued to support this technology.
Then Firefox stopped it last year (also if nobody cared about!).


Now it looks like the real end is finally arriving: the reason? It’s called “the power of Google Chrome“.
When they decide it, it’s gone.


So it is arrived, the so dreamt/feared end of native support for Flash on Chrome.

From version 55, Chrome starts to block Flash by default: if you want it, you need to enable it from the Chrome “flags” (chrome://flags/).

What does it mean for a common browser user that never opened the chrome flags? Simple: the death of Flash based technologies such as some video players or many web games or some (hopefully!) websites.


Farewell Flash

You were a good friend.