Foundation frontend web framework

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I am exploring new frontend web frameworks to substitute the glorious BOOTSTRAP that I consider a bit old and lacking of innovative features for my purposes. In particular I am analyzing if FOUNDATION  can be a valid subsitute. The web is full of enthusiasts of this framework and they say that Facebook and Yahoo use it…

Wow, the premises are really stimulating!

So I decided to download it, to read the documentation and start with some experiments. I am also excited to use the responsive picture change feature. That’s what HTML5 is trying to do with the <picture> tag, but made in JS for retro-compatibility. Foundation applies this concept to every element in the page:
you can customize large, medium and small types of any element and this is really interesting.

I am not so enthusiast about some features that I don’t want to see in a self-described “innovative framework”. In this category I can include:

  • JQuery as the main and only JS framework supported, and only in the Foundation tested version!
  • Ruby as the only server side scripting language.
  • Modernizr.JS?? (are we still in the 2009?)
  • The need for initializing: $(document).foundation();

For the rest, I am still curious and will let you know my progress and eventually new projects based on it. Will Foundation win Bootstrap in rapid backend prototyping?

Maybe this is the start for a new WAR between TWITTER (bootstrap) and FACEBOOK (foundation)…

(featured image of this post is a HOMAGE to Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation cycle”, where the framework gets its name).

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